PhD research explained in Twitter thread

(29-10-2021) Ioanna, Sepideh and Jorn explained their PhD in a Twitter thread.

That was the challenge of the #ThesisThread competition

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Ioanna Chatzigiannidou

Ioanna is PhD student at the Department of Biotechnology. She is studying the treatment of oral diseases and how that can affect the micro-organisms in our mouths.

Sepideh Soroush

Sepideh uses washed up seaweed to clean beaches and purify sea water. She is a researcher at the Ghent University Global Campus in South Korea, at the department of Green Chemistry and Technology.

Jorn Van de Velde

Jorn studies climate models in the department of Environment. He uses these models to find out whether last summer’s historic floods are likely to be repeated in future.

Final jury

Unfortunately, Ioanna, Sepideh and Jorn did not make the short list. The 3 Ghent University threads that have been selected for the final jury are those by Hannes Mareen, Eline Lievens en Sarah Bonte.

An interuniversity panel of judges will select three winners who will each win €250. The winners will be announced after the final judging, which is due to take place on 2 December.

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