Organising Committee & Partners

Members of the Organising Committee

  • Elsemieke van Osch (KU Leuven)
  • Gaëlle Le Pavic (UGent / UNU-CRIS)
  • Jorge Disseldorp (UGent)
  • Leni Linthout (UGent)
  • Ophélie Mercier (UGent)
  • Prof. dr. Peter Stevens (UGent)
  • Prof. dr. Renata Enghels (UGent)
  • Rossella Marino (UGent / UNU-CRIS)
  • Ruben Wissing (UGent)
  • Prof. dr. Wendelien Vantieghem (UGent)


If you want to contact the organisational committee, please address your e-mail to


The CESSMIR 2022 conference is organised in partnership with:

  • Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy, Ghent University
  • IDC Human Rights Research Network, Ghent University
  • IDC Global Studies, Ghent University
  • ICRH
  • EQUALITY, HoGent
  • Unia
  • ENAR