WP3: Existing research

Both consortium groups have a long tradition of scientific research in the area of crime, criminology and criminal policy. This research can be both fundamental research and policy-oriented research. Whereas each supervisor has developed his/her own expertise in certain research domains, this expertise also translates into familiarity with certain funding agencies. Accepting the members' diversity as a strength, the consortium strives at a maximum cooperation and exchange of information between the consortium members.

More in detail, the goal of the consortium is to:

  • detect synergies between the various research topics that are dealt with
  • detect synergies between the various used methods
  • support supervisors in applying for project funding to funding agencies they are less familiar with

The existence of the consortium is not at the expense of the existing research traditions of the consortium groups and their members' diversity. On the contrary, the consortium strives to foster cross-pollination in a way that the more traditional research projects can benefit from such diversity.