Expedition DO!

Target audience

There is no specific knowledge required but the teams must have a business idea. At least one member should be linked to Ghent University. Preferable the teams are multi-disciplinary.


  • Jolien Coenraets

Faculty: Central office – DOWA - Educational Quality assurance office
Department: DO! – Durf Ondernemen

Other members of the organising & scientific committee

  • Steve Stevens (DO! – Durf Ondernemen)
  • Tom Van Damme (DO! – Durf Ondernemen)
  • Gerlinde Van Hauwermeiren (DO! – Durf Ondernemen)


DO! yearly launches Expedition DO!, a unique 7-month pre-acceleration programme for entrepreneurial talent. The mission is to support and stimulate every Ghent University student and researcher to develop critical entrepreneurial skills to start, build and grow their business idea into a thriving venture. What is more, for the winning teams the expedition leads to a world leading entrepreneurial conference. Thanks to the help of an extensive network of experts and existing accelerator programmes in the industry your early idea will developed into a scalable business model.

Expedition DO! is a 7-month programme consisting of monthly individual coaching sessions, 2 jam-packed bootcamps, expert mentoring and workshops on topics such as pitching, finance, IP, design thinking and so much more. Participants (students and researchers) work on their business idea and develop critical entrepreneurial skills to start, build and grow that business idea into a thriving venture.

The programme focuses on innovative ideas that are situated in one of the following 4 categories: 1. sports & health, 2. sustainability, 3. food and 4. tech. Maximum 16 teams (of max 3 people) will be selected to take part in the program. In September 8 teams will be selected that can pitch on the final night on October 7. The 4 winning teams will win a ticket for Slush, the world leading entrepreneurial conference (Also containing a PhD Pitching Competition).


At the end of the program the participants will have learned entrepreneurial skills to start, build and grow their business idea such as innovation techniques, determining the right business model, how to validate and detect customer needs, how to validate problem – solution fit, how to validate product – market fit, how to market and sell your product or service, how to create prototypes and minimum viable products, how to pitch your idea to different audiences, how to finance your idea with a good financial mix, what are their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to entrepreneurship, …

Topics will be amongst others: business modelling, lean startup principles, elevator pitching, digital marketing, financial forecasting, sales, …

Dates and Registration

See this website.

Please read our cancellation policy.

Evaluation criteria (Doctoral Training Programme)

Active participation in minimum 21 hours of sessions (specialist course + transferrable skills course) that are organized during the program (before the final pitch night).

Teaching methods

- Hands-on workshops and exercises
- Coaching sessions
- Lectures / guest speakers / online learning materials
- Pitch sessions with feedback
- Homework: largely depends on the team’s effort to go to win a place for the conference (Slush)