Marinerg-i : Marine Renewable Energy Research Infrastructure

About the project "Marine Renewable Energy Research Infrastructure"


The objective of MARINERG-i is to become the leading internationally distributed infrastructure in the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) sector.  Its integrated nature and co-ordinated approach  will accelerate the research development and deployment of offshore wind, wave, tidal and combined energy technologies and help maintain  Europe as a global leader in this industry.  In addition MARINERG-i will strengthen European, scientific and engineering excellence and expertise as it’s combined facilities represent an indispensable tool to foster innovation across a large variety of MRE technologies and systems and through all key stages of technology development (TRL’s 1-9).  

The purpose of this INFRADEV proposal  is to undertake development work which will ensure MARINERG-i is effectively positioned to attain the criteria necessary for being successful in a future ESFRI roadmap application.  MARINERG-i made an application to the 2016 roadmap and was identified as an emerging RI of EU significance.  Since making the bid to the ESFRI 2016 roadmap, the consortium has continued to evolve and collaborate, culminating in the submission of a proposal for a second MaRINET project (MaRINET2) under Horizon 2020 [Infra-IA].

This proposal takes on board the comments and recommendations provided in feedback from the ESFRI 2016 reviewers and has also analysed and updated the positioning of the MARINERG-i concept based on the current status of the sector. In this context it is proposed to:  
• Broaden the number of member states involved
• Create a design study and scientific plan
• Develop a business plan including governance, legal, financial and strategic issues
• Secure further national support from partners
• Create and agree an implementation plan that will bring the proposal to the roadmap.

The consortium consists of partners from Ireland, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Italy all of whom will become national nodes.


Additional information through the marinerg-i project website is here available, as well as through the EU-CORDIS website (here available).


Flemish Infrastructure within the marinerg-i project

The Flemish Infrastructure which is central for the contribution of Ghent University, the Belgian partner of marinerg-i, is the new wave tank (COB) which is currently under construction at the Greenbridge Research Campus .

The COB is part of the new maritime research centre which will join the Flemish maritime expertise and strengthen and support the operation of the Belgian ports and shipping.

Most importantly, these facilities will strengthen the international research position of Flanders in the field of coastal engineering and offshore engineering. Moreover, the infrastructure provides the opportunity for companies and governmental institutions and agencies to develop innovative designs for coastal protection and offshore energy. This new infrastructure will therefore be an important tool for the academic partners (Ghent University and the University of Leuven), for the Flemish Government (the Flanders Hydraulics Research) as well as for the Flemish industry players who are active in the wider "blue growth" sector, the sector of marine-related activities.


Prof. Peter Troch
Vakgroep Civiele Techniek
T 09 264 54 94


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