Instrumentation and Measurement Electronics

Instrumentation and measurement electronics present a very diverse field of research, with a broad range of applications, including, but not limited to, telecommunication networks, smart grids, test equipment, medical diagnosis and material characterization. The measurement principle determines the system architecture which will be devised to optimize the measurement accuracy, time, range, cost, size of embedded systems... Typically, a broad range of skills is required to realize such complex systems. Depending on the measurement principle, on-chip or board-level electronics are required; fore- or back-ground calibration algorithms need to be devised and an optimized split between analog and digital signal processing should be realized. This complexity and specialization makes instrumentation a very interesting research activity. The main applications of our recent and ongoing research focus(ed) on ESD characterization, continuous glucose sensing, the controlling of high-voltage piezo actuators, detecting superparamagnetic particle concentrations, RF positioning, real-time channel estimation and TRx setting optimization.


Xin Yin, Guy Torfs, Johan Bauwelinck


 Xiao Li, Ramses Pierco, Michael Vanhoecke


  • IOF Glucare
  • EU H2020 Optima

Key publications

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