IMFSE alumnus Haydn Lewis wins the IWMA Young Talent Award


In 2022, the IWMA scientific council declared Haydn Lewis the winner of the 2022 IWMA Young Talent Award / Master! (Link to the article)

Haydn Lewis completed his master thesis towards the end of 2020. Under the given circumstance, i.e. that there was no conference in 2020, thus no opportunity to apply for the award, his thesis was also accepted. Haydn graduated from the International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering (IMFSE) and was supervised by Dr. Nils Johansson. The title of his thesis is: “Factors influencing the generation of carbon monoxide in fires partially suppressed through water mist application”. Haydn Lewis has now been invited to the 21st International Water Mist Conference which will take place in Madrid on 9th and 10th November 2022. Having been given a speaker slot, he will get the opportunity to introduce his thesis to a wider audience.

Haydn has given an interview in the International Fire Protection magazine (p.52-53).