26TH "JOURNEES D'ETUDES" of the Belgian Section of The Combustion Institute


The Combustion Institute: 26TH "JOURNEES D'ETUDES" of the Belgian Section of The Combustion Institute is postponed. The new dates will be announced as soon as possible.




We are honoured to host the 26th ‘Journées d’Études’, the biennial meeting of the Belgian Section of The Combustion Institute. The objectives of this meeting include both fundamental research and industrial applications relevant to combustion processes. The purpose is to have an overview of the most recent research efforts in the combustion field and to provide opportunities for scientists and engineers to establish collaboration. The scope therefore covers a wide range of subjects related to reaction mechanisms, heat transfer, furnaces and burners, flame structures, modelling, flame inhibition, incineration, pollutants emission, detonation phenomena, fire, etc.


The language of the meeting is English.

Conference abstracts

Conference program

The program reads:

Tuesday March 29, 2022

Day 1

Start End Presenter Title
8.30 9.00 Registration
9.00 9.10

Welcome - Opening

Session Chair: Francesco Contino (UCLouvain)

9.10 10.00 Epaminondas Mastorakos

Some recent developments in our understanding of turbulent swirl flame stabilisation

10.00 10.30 Coffee break
Session Chair: Véronique Dias (UCLouvain)
10.30 10.55 Alessio Pappa Humidification towards flashback prevention in an original H2 fuelled micro Gas Turbine - 0D/1D predeterminations and LES validation
10.55 11.20 Tom Robeyn Evaluation and further development of a spreadsheet-based calculator to estimate the properties of naphtha-type biofuels
11.20 11.45 Neill Bergamini Gomes Analysis of the chemical kinetics of different biomass syngas compositions and tar concentration on the combustion timing of an HCCI engine
11.45 12.10 Cedric Devriese The CFD Design and Optimisation of a Micromix Combustor for a 100 kW Hydrogen Fuelled Micro Gas Turbine – Assessment of Optimal Hydrogen Injection Depth
12.10 13.30 Lunch
Session Chair: Sebastian Verhelst (UGent)
13.30 13.55 Matteo Savarese A novel methodology for Chemical Reactor Network extraction from CFD data via unsupervised clustering
13.55 14.20 Antoine Verhaeghe Towards fully automatic mesh generation for Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Combustion in a typical micro Gas Turbine Combustor
14.20 14.45 Jérémy Bompas Analysis of combustion performance of non-conventional syngas in mGT combustor: Assessment of the impact of the quality on flame stability and emissions
14.45 15.10 Vito Ceglie Analysis of the Thermo Acoustic behavior of a micro gas turbine combustor Hydrogen Methane blend
15.10 15.40 Coffee break
Session Chair: Ward De Paepe (UMons)
15.40 16.05 Jeri At Thabari Preliminary study of chemistry solvers with focus on ignition in the context of turbulent buoyancy-driven reacting flows
16.05 16.30 Jeroen Dierickx Analysis of the Combustion Behavior and Emissions of a Fumigated Diesel-Methanol Dual-Fuel Engine
16.30 16.55 Alberto Procacci Adaptive Digital Twins of combustion systems using sparse sensing strategies
16.55 17.20 Yao Hong Preliminary study on the optimization of settings of an automatic smoke control system for tunnel fires by system identification and genetic algorithm
18.30 ??? Conference dinner - Guided Tour (Starting point: Het Pand) Guided Tour (Starting point: Het Pand)

Wednesday March 30, 2022

Day 2

Start End



Session Chair: Tarek Beji (UGent)

09.00 9.50 Alessandro Parente

Simulation-based digital twins: experiments, simulations and reduced-order modelling

09.50 10.20 Coffee break
Session Chair: Ivana Stankovic (Tractebel)
10.20 10.45 Florence Vermeire Artificial intelligence and Automation in Chemical Kinetic Modeling
10.45 11.10 Kamila Zdybal Manifold-informed state vector subset for reduced-order modeling
11.10 11.35 Marwa Saab A rapid compression machine kinetic study of the effect of hydrogen on the ignition delay times of n-pentane, 3-pentanone & 1-pentene in the low temperature combustion regime
11.35 12.00 Véronique Dias NO formation in premixed H2/CH4/CO/C6H6-air flat flames at low pressure: an experimental and numerical study
12.00 12.25 Abderahman Rabhiou Industrial burners on hydrogen: experimental investigation
12.30 13.30 Lunch
Session Chair: Julien Blondeau (VUB)
13.30 13.55 Yi-Hao Pu Quasi-Dimensional Predictive Combustion Model development for SI Methanol Engines
13.55 14.20 Sara Spano Numerical and experimental investigation of methane oxy-fuel combustion in HCCI engines
14.20 14.45 Ruggero Amaduzzi Scalar mixing uncertainty effect on the predictions of reactor-based combustion models: application to a lifted methane/air jet flame
14.45 15.15 Coffee break
Session Chair: Hervé Jeanmart (UCLouvain)
15.15 15.40 Shahrooz Motaghian The effects of density and turbulent Prandtl number variations on the dynamic sub-grid scale modeling of turbulent pool fires
15.40 16.05 Mingcian Hong Predictive Simulations of Liquid Pool Fires in Confined and Mechanically-Ventilated Enclosures
16.10 17.30 General Assembly Meeting of BSCI


Keynote lectures

On 29th March 2022, Prof. Epaminondas Mastorakos (University of Cambridge, UK), will give a lecture, entitled ‘Some recent developments in our understanding of turbulent swirl flame stabilisation’.

On 30th March 2022, Prof. Alessandro Parente (Université Libre de Bruxelles ,Belgium), will give a lecture, entitled ‘Simulation-based digital twins: experiments, simulations and reduced-order modelling’.

Conference venue and dates

The 2-day meeting is held on 29 and 30 March 2022.
The venue is ‘Het Pand’, Onderbergen 1, Ghent, Belgium. Detailed information is found on:


There are many hotels in various price classes in the centre of Ghent. Ghent is a popular city, so early booking of accommodation is recommended.

Paper submission

There are no full papers for the meeting.
The proceedings will consist of extended abstracts (max. 2 pages long, including relevant figures and references) of the presentations.
Abstracts are warmly welcomed from outside the Belgian Section of The Combustion Institute.
These abstracts must be sent in PDF format by 8 March 2022 by e-mail to Georgios.Maragkos@UGent.be
Acceptance for oral presentation will be notified by 11 March 2022.

Best paper awards

The best paper, presented by a junior researcher, is selected by a scientific expert committee in the field of combustion, and the researcher wins the ‘Adolphe Van Tiggelen Award’.
An ‘Industrial Advisory Board Award’ is also granted to encourage members of the Belgian Section to highlight the potential added value of their research for the industrial members of the Section.

Registration and fees

Registration can be done on https://congrezzo.ugent.be/combustion-journeesdetudes/

The registration deadline is 14 March 2022.

Payment of the fee is part of the registration process.

The meeting is scheduled under the premise of no limitations due to the pandemic. The registration fees for the meeting would then include coffees, drinks, lunches and conference dinner:
- 195 € for members of the Combustion Institute
- 240 € for non-members of the Combustion Institute
- 130 € for students

Organising Committee secretariat

If you have a question for which you do not find the answer on the web site, you can send your enquiry to: