If this is the first time that you are taking exams at Ghent University, you probably have many questions. Make sure you read all practical information!

Exam organisation
The exam period is spread over two months, one at the end of each semester: the first one is in January and the second one in June. At the end of August / beginning of September a second examination period is organised. Students can use this period to retake (failed) courses from the 1st as well as the 2nd semester.

Christmas recess

Mon. 26/12/22 - Sat. 07/01/23

4 week examination period Mon. 09/01/23 - Sat. 04/02/23
Inter-term recess Mon. 06/02/23 - Sat. 11/02/23

Exam schedule

The exam schedules will be available on November 26th at the latest. You will be able to download your personal schedule via Oasis - My Calendar.

Absence procedure

If you are ill or unable to take an exam due to exceptional circumstances and you wish to have the opportunity to take a deferred examination, you must make sure to follow the steps of the absence procedure.

Maximize your study efficiency

Are you tired of wasting time at your desk?
Tired of suddenly wondering after a whole day of studying ‘What was it actually all about?’
Do you like having enough spare time, without decreasing your chances of success?
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The Student Counselling Office organises several workshops. All workshops take place online, in small groups and are free of charge. The workshops take 2 hours each. They organise workshosp about procrastination, fear of failure, wellbeing, etc.

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