What to do after the exams?

The exams are coming to an end this week, hooray! So what's next?


After each examination period, feedback will be provided. Within the feedback period, you are entitled to get feedback and peruse your exam copy and assignments. Especially when you have a small deficit, it can be interesting to ask the professor for feedback.
Feedback will take place from February 13th 2023 until February 25th 2023.
The lecturer in question will communicate the moment of feedback (date and hour) via Ufora.

Study progress

It is important to keep in mind that, if you do not pass half of the credits you enrolled for, a binding condition will be imposed upon the next enrolment. This binding condition stipulates that you have to obtain at least half of the credits in the next academic year (2023-2024). If you do not meet this condition, you will not be allowed to enrol for the same study programme again in the following academic year (2024-2025).
If a binding condition was already imposed this academic year (2022-2023) and you do not pass half of the credits now or after the resit examination period, re-enrolment will already be refused in the next academic year (2023-2024).

Change your curriculum

After the announcement of the examination results, you may want to make changes to your curriculum. It is still possible to add or remove second semester courses to your curriculum.
Students have to request curriculum changes for second semester courses before March 1st 2023.
Exception: some second semester courses have a modular structure in the Master in Business Economics, therefore, a stricter deadline applies and students cannot enrol or cancel their enrolment after February 19th 2023. 
Students who wish to make any changes to their curriculum, have to send an email to degree.eb@ugent.be

Resit exams

As you probably already know, in August and September you have the possibility to retake the exams that you did not pass. You are automatically enrolled for the exams for which you did not obtain a credit or for which you have had a deliberation.
The resit exams will be organised between August 21st and September 16th.