Public Finance

Research topics

  • Policy evaluation models for regional and local housing and transaction taxes
  • Forecasting models for regional taxes
  • The political determinants of local public finance
  • Regulatory proposals to transpose policy objectives regarding taxation as well as evaluations of the regulatory framework in this regard.
  • Credibility and accountability in public finance


  • Frank Naert
    Frank Naert has been working on accountability problems in the context of the new EU economic governance. This new economic governance involves power shifts between government levels, delegations to independent institutions and shifts from discretion to rules. The accountability aspects of all these shifts in policy making makes for a new and interesting research field.
  • Johan Christiaens

    Johan Christiaens is involved in public sector accounting user need research as well as non-profit accounting standard setting and auditing reforms being himself a registered auditor. Specific issues are heritage assets and European ECA financial reporting.

  • Carine Smolders
    Carine Smolders has been working on the implications of agency models for the management of educational institutions Currently she is investing more in research on public finance subjects.
  • Bertel De Groote
    Bertel De Groote has been working on the influence of ICT on the rules of personal jurisdiction in tort matters. He participated in the research activities of the “Steunpunt Fiscaliteit en Begroting”. In this regard, as a lawyer, he mainly gave legal support in view of the research activities within this pole for policy-oriented research and did research on the legal transposition of taxation policy and the evaluation of legislation regarding taxation. He continues his research in civil law oriented subjects, inter alia concerning the legal framework for the policy on consumer insolvency and e-commerce.
  • Stijn Goeminne
    Stijn Goeminne’s research activities focus on fiscal policy in local governments, in particular he investigates the impact of Flemish local governments’ political characteristics on its fiscal policy.