A tip from Alain... to support a Ghent University good cause

(10-10-2022) Professor Alain Verstraete wanted no gifts at his retirement party. But he did ask his guests to support the students’ skills lab. In fact, he used the action platform at Ghent University to set up his own fundraising activity.

“That action platform looks attractive and is really easy to use”, according to professor Alain Verstraete. “Once you have a fund in mind, you can register and personalise your activity on the platform, then simply send the link to your guests.”

Reason for choosing a fund

It did not take Alain long to decide on the fund. “I chose the Medical Skills Centre Fund, founded with a legacy from the general practitioner Guy Decloedt and devoted to supporting the skills lab for medical students”, he says. “Guy and I were in the same academic year: we once studied medicine together.”

Alain is a doctor too, specialising in clinical biology. Until last academic year, he also taught medical students in their third bachelor year. “I always enjoyed that”, smiles Alain. “The fact I taught small groups meant I always felt close to my students. For me, that was another reason to choose this particular fund.”

A helping hand

The skills lab is a place for doctors-to-be to practise their clinical skills. In other words: the lab is invaluable. Alain: “However, the practice and simulation material is very expensive. Alain was keen to make a contribution using the action platform. “The donations kept coming: as the date of my retirement drew closer I saw a second peak. I received a notification mail, each time somebody made a donation. That made it easy to keep track. Another handy thing is that the person making the donation receives a fiscal certificate. Entirely automatically, without you having to do anything.”

Did you know, as an organiser you can actually set a target amount? Alain’s ambition was to raise 1,000 euros. In fact, with his action he ended up with 1,675 euros.

Start your own activity?

On the action platform you can set up an activity for the Ghent University fund of your choice.

Here's how to organize a collection campaign for a Ghent University fund

  1. Develop your action page: find a fun title, add a personal title and explain why are setting up the activity. Tip: make the first donation yourself.
  2. Communicate about your activity and gather donations: share your action with friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues on social media and by e-mail.  You can also use a QR-code on your invitations. Talk to them about your activity. Tip: start by asking the people close to you. Personal contact works best of all!
  3. Thank the people who make a donation: everyone involved in your collection deserves a thank you.