Broken NMR tube

Broken Tube

What do I do if a tube is broken?

If the tube is broken outside the magnet, clean up the chemical spill.
Place all the broken glass in the sharps container near the PC. Be sure the broken glass is removed from the spinner. Check the o-ring carefully.
If the tube is broken inside the magnet, the probe is likely contaminated.
No one should use the instrument until a MedChem staff member can look at the probe/spectrometer. It is not worth risking damage if we can remove the broken glass and clean the contaminated probe. If we have to send the probe back to the manufacturer, it costs a lot (€2000-€10000). It’s simply not worth risking if you think there may be broken glass in the probe.

1) Turn off the spin to avoid further damage.
2) Put a sign on the spectrometer saying: BROKEN TUBE, DO NOT USE.
3) Put the spinner with a note near the PC (we need to look at the o-ring).
4) We prefer that you close VMRJ program so others can’t log in.

5) Email to and let him know what happened (include all details about the sample: what it is or might be, whether it is poisonous, what dissolves it, what the solvent was, etc.