HIV lab

Research Domain

The unit studies retroviruses, as infectious agents like HIV but also as tools for research. We focus on molecular virology of HIV in the interplay with the infected host. 

Research Projects

  • Towards immune reconstitution in functional cure of HIV infected patients through targeting of the virulence factor Nef
    European project with partners from Germany (Dr O. Fackler, Heidelberg and Dr. A. Baur, Erlangen), and France (Dr. Y. Lévy and Dr. S. Benichou, Paris).
  • HIV-1 Nef as a modulator of Notch signaling
    FWO supported project.
  • Hijacking of antigen-presenting cells by viruses to facilitate spread and subvert the immune response
    GOA project, together with Dr. H. Nauwynck and Dr. H. Favoreel, Ghent.
  • More projects on HIV infectivity, innate immune response induction and Vpr are running in the lab.


  • Primary cell isolation and culture
  • lenti- and retroviral gene transfer technology
  • HIV construction
  • production and infection
  • flow cytometry
  • qRT-PCR
  • Western blot


Prof. Dr. Bruno Verhasselt