Research Meetings

2019-06-03 : Delphine Hoorelbeke, Physiology unit – Prof. dr.Luc Leybaert

2019-05-06 : CGRP-Targeted Therapies for Migraine and Cluster Headache, Prof. dr. Koen Paemeleir

2019-04-01 : A Date with Ion Channels and Animal Toxin, Prof. dr. Frank Bosmans, Physiology group

2019-03-04 : Mouse Models Resume the Pathogenesis of Acute and Chronic Liver Diseases, Prof. dr. Lyndsey Devisscher, GLIPh  group

2019-02-04 : Clinical Pressure-Volume Loops of the Right Ventricle, Dr. Michael Vandenheuvel, Anesthesiology

2019-01-07 : RyR2 Regulation of Cx43 Hemichannel in Ventricular Cardiomyocytes, Alessio Lissoni, Physiology group

2018-12-03 : PK/PD Research in Special Patient Populations, Pieter De Cock

2018-11-05 : (Patho)Physiological Role of Microdomain Signaling through Diadic Cx43 Hemichannels in Ventricular Cardiomyocytes, Maarten De Smet, Physiology group