Within this line of research, the 'Radiobiology Research Group' investigates the biological effects of occupational, medical and accidental exposure to ionizing radiation.

Research projects

Effects of low dose radiation in radiation workers

Within this project, we investigate the effects of low dose radiation in persons employed in interventional cardiology, nuclear medicine, nuclear power plants, …


Optimization and validation of assays for large scale radiation accidents

Within this project, we optimise tests for large-scale radiation accidents such as automation of cytogenetic assays (micronucleus assay, dicentric assay) and gH2AX foci assay.


Use of artificial intelligence for the assessment of radiation exposure


Biodosimetry approaches for large scale neutron exposure scenarios (BALANCE)



European and international networking projects for biological dosimetry

The aim of this project is to build a network to work with, including:


  • RENEB  Running the European Network of Biological and retrospective Physical dosimetry
  • NIAID/NIH CMCR  Centers for Medical Counter Measures against radiation


  • National Laboratory of Biological Dosimetry for Radiation Accidents (Approved by FANC - Federal Agency for Nuclear Control)
  • RENEB network laboratories



  • Anne Vral, full professor

+32 9 332 51 29

  • Ans Baeyens, associate professor

+32 9 332 49 19