Uro-oncological research

Within this line of research, the 'Urology Research Group' focuses on both clinical and fundamental scientific research on urological tumours. Fundamental research focuses on the development of new biomarkers.

Research projects


In this study, the patient with upfront metastatic prostate cancer is randomly assigned to one of the two treatments: the standard treatment versus the standard treatment with the surgical removal of the prostate and the lymph nodes from the small pelvis. Afterwards, patients from both groups are followed up in the same way. In this way, we research the added value of surgery on patients with metastatic prostate cancer.

  • funding: Kom op tegen Kanker, 29/09/2017


Prospective follow-up of uro-oncological surgery (URO-ONCO PROSPECTIVE)

This concerns prospective clinical research in which we research the diagnostics and treatments of patients undergoing surgery for urological tumours of the bladder, kidney, urinary tract, prostate and testis.


This group collaborates closely with the Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology department of the University Hospital Ghent.



  • Nicolaas Lumen, researcher

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  • Karel Decaestecker, researcher

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  • Charles Van Praet, researcher

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  • Céline Schelstraete, study coordinator

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