CIMS @ Film Fest Gent 2021

(08-10-2021) It has become a yearly tradition that CIMS has a strong presence at Film Fest Gent (FFG), Belgium’s most important film festival. For the 2021 edition, CIMS co-operates with FFG for the next events.

On 14 October, CIMS member Lies Van de Vijver presents the book she wrote with Guy Dupont (Archief Gent) and Roel Vande Winkel (LUCA & KU Leuven) on historical cinema culture in Gent.

BOOK: Gent Filmstad. Cinema’s en filmaffiches 1938-1961

In the mid-twentieth century, cinema experienced its golden years. Never before did so many people go to the movies, were there so many cinemas, and were so many movie posters put up. This changed from the 1960s onwards when television conquered living rooms and the car invited trips and journeys. During the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, Belgian cinema culture flourished not only in cities like Brussels and Antwerp, where film distributors and the printing houses of film posters were located. When it came to film experience, Ghent was also a film city of note. The enormous collection of more than nine thousand Belgian film posters from the archives of the municipal police, kept in Ghent Archives, is the most appealing of all. Rare photographs, building plans, film programs, archive documents and interviews with the moviegoers of the time complete the picture. the moviegoers of the time complete our picture of the more than thirty cinemas Ghent had at the time, from the luxurious film theaters in the city center to the modest cinemas in the modest cinemas in the neighborhoods.

Lies Van de Vijver, Guy Dupont & Roel Vande Winkel (2021) Gent Filmstad. Cinema’s en filmaffiches 1938-1961. Antwerpen: Houtekiet.

LECTURE: Wordt verwacht! De Gentse bioscopen in de Jaren 1950.

Using the unique collection of film posters from Ghent Archives, Lies van de Vijver takes you through the popular 1950s cinemas in Ghent and the surrounding area. The 1950s were the golden years for film screenings in Ghent. After the Second World War and before every living room had a television, Ghent had more than thirty cinemas.

Thursday, 14/10, 7.30pm-9pm, De Krook

EXHIBITION: Filmaffiches voor Gentse cinema’s, 1938-1961

From the unique collection of 9,000 film posters, 150 posters were selected and re-released for an exhibition on film posters in the years 1938 - 1961. Using ten genres, you can experience the highlights of cinema at the time. The exhibition also pays attention to the most famous cinemas from that period and their moviegoers by exhibiting unique archival material.

9 Sept – 29 Oct 2021, de Krook

INTERVIEW AND LAUNCH: open access platform Cinema Belgica

On 14 October, CIMS member Daniel Biltereyst and his team will present Cinema Belgica, an open-access platform for sharing, enriching, analyzing and sustaining data on cinema history in Flanders and Belgium from 1896 onwards. A first beta version of Cinema Belgica was presented during FFG 2020, but now a much more elaborated version will be presented and made available without password. Daniel Biltereyst will be talking about Cinema Belgica with Patrick Duynslaegher during a Film Fest Talkie or Café in Kinepolis (14 October, at 1 p.m.).

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