Exhibition on the La Kermesse héroïque controversy in Bruges

(13-03-2023) CIMS member Daniel Biltereyst curated an exhibition on the controversy and banning of the French classic historical film La Kermesse héroïque (Jacques Feyder, 1935) in Belgium.

Organised by the City of Bruges, the Main Library of Bruges and the Cinematek (Belgian Royal Film Archive), the exhibition will run from 24 March to 12 April 2023 at the Main Library in Bruges.

On 4 April 2023, Daniel Biltereyst and Bruno Mestdagh (head of Digital Collection at Cinematek) will give a lecture on film censorship and censorship in Belgium, where their compilation of censored film cuttings will be screened (Ongezien/invisible, 2020). La Kermesse héroïque will be screened on 6 April 2023 at Cinema Lumière with an introduction by Daniel Biltereyst.

For more information, see La Kermesse Héroïque | Bibliotheek Brugge and the flyer.