CAMH, The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is a public hospital providing direct patient care for people with mental health and addiction problems. CAMH is also a research facility, an education and training institute and a community based organization providing health promotion and prevention services across the province of Ontario, Canada.


Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy

The Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy (CFDP) is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 by several of Canada's leading specialists in drug policy. Its founding members include psychologists, pharmacologists, lawyers, health policy advocates and public policy researchers. The Foundation is funded entirely by its members and by contributions from other organizations with an interest in drug policy reform. The aims of the Foundation include:

  1. acting as a forum for the exchange of views among those interested in reform of drug policies;
  2. serving as a vehicle for sharing those views and for discussing significant drug policy issues with government, the public, other organizations and the media,
  3. where necessary, recommending alternatives that will make Canada's drug laws and policies effective and humane.


Cannabis Canada

Cannabis Culture is a magazine of marijuana and hemp around the world. It comes out every two months, and it's available at many newsstands across North America. This organization is dedicated to liberating marijuana, freeing pot-prisoners around the globe, and bringing an end to the vicious worldwide "war on drugs." Every issue challenges prohibitionist myths and tackles controversial issues like kids and pot, drug-war atrocities, the danger of low-THC hemp, and other difficult topics.


HempBC (Canada)

The International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL) is one of the major pioneers in the creation of the worldwide libertarian movement - today's fastest-growing philosophical/political movement. It tries to accomplish its networking and movement-building goals through e-mail bulletins and print newsletters - and by holding annual world conferences. The website also provides educational outreach to the public through the publishing and mass distribution of issue papers, and through the sponsorship of introductory-level libertarian book translations. Both members and the public may benefit from the research resources and networking links provided by ISIL on this website.


OMQ O'Neill Moon Quedado LLP

Toronto Based Law Practice: infographic Marijuana Lessons for Canada: USA vs Portugal vs Netherlands.