Jean Monnet Project EU@Home

Jean Monnet Project EU@Home


Project Summary

The aim of the EU@Home project is to bring the study of EU law out of the traditional lecture room and to stimulate the student’s critical thinking about the implications of EU law in their daily environment. This will done through the introduction of new and innovative tools for teaching and lifelong learning. First, the Jean Monnet Chair will develop a new educational gaming app which allows students to compete against each other by answering questions related to the study material. Second, online instructions and teaching materials will be prepared in order to introduce the ‘flipped classroom’ principle. This implies that students will be able to watch online lectures and collaborate in online discussions at home in preparation of interactive class discussions. Third, the project will stimulate the interaction between various groups of students through the introduction of peer instruction and the participation of all student groups to common events such as a ‘Jean Monnet guest lectures series’ and the establishment of a mentoring programme. Fourth, lifelong learning activities will be organised in cooperation with the Province of East Flanders, the Flanders Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VOKA), student organisations and the UGent alumni association. This includes a ‘Jean Monnet evening lectures series’ devoted to the implications of EU law for the daily life of citizens and business and a special training session for legal practitioners on recent developments in EU law in relation to the Digital Single Market.

Main results

  • Curriculum development

The teaching of EU law courses at Ghent University has been consolidated with courses at bachelor, master and post-graduate level, with a specialised LLM programme in European Union law. See:

European Law course (K001273) at the Master of EU Studies

Introduction to international and European law course (B001929) at the bachelor of Laws

The autonomous EU legal order course (B001691) at the Master of Laws

Differentiated EU legal integration course (B001367) at the Master of Laws

Introduction to EU law course (F000623) at the Bachelor and Master of Economics

For the programme of the specialised LLM programme in EU law, see:

  • Instruction videos

Short instruction videos about the functioning of the EU institutions were developed for 1st year students and citizens without an EU law background. The videos are used for educational purposes and are also made available on the Youtube channel 'Europa uitgelegd' (Europe explained):

  • European lecture series

A series of European lectures have been organised in close cooperation with the Province of East Flanders, in order to discuss recent developments such in EU law and policy such as the implications of Brexit) or the war in Ukraine


  • Lifelong learning activities

Lifelong learning activities have been developed for practicing lawyers. A specific focus has been devoted to the principle of openness and transparency in EU law, including questions of access to documents and democratic decision-making.

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