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Gerd VerscheldenGerd Verschelden is a full-time full professor of the Law of Persons, Family Law and Family Property. He obtained the degrees of Master of Laws and Aggregate for the secondary education in law (each time magna cum laude) at Ghent University in 1998. 

He obtained his PhD in 2005 with a dissertation on affiliation law and was appointed associate professor the same year. Subsequently he supervised doctorates on divorce law (3), medically assisted reproduction (2), alternative dispute resolution (2) and children's rights (1). He is promoter of ongoing doctoral research on parentage, siblings and family maintenance. He teaches Basic Concepts of Law, the Law of Persons, Family
Law and Family Property for both undergraduate and graduate students. 

Gerd is editor-in-chief of the Journal for Family Law (Wolters Kluwer), the Library of Civil Law and Procedural Law (Intersentia), co-editor-in-chief of the collection Law of Persons and Family Law. Article-based Commentary with an Overview of Case Law and Legal Doctrine (Wolters Kluwer) and coordinating lead author of the five-yearly “Overview of Case Law Family Law” in the Journal of Private Law. 

Since 2018, he functions as chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Study of Law, Private and Business Law (RE21) at Ghent University. 

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