Biogas Biorefineries Chair


The objective of the chair is to promote knowledge about biogas plants as the next generation biorefineries, with a clear interest in topics including (amongst others) recovering nutrients from organic waste streams and residues. In addition, the chair seeks to increase the general acceptance of biorefinery (and thus also recycled) mineral fertilisers for practical use by end users in agriculture and other important actors in the agri-food value chain.

The chair will support or supplement the existing research projects. Activities to this end will be implemented in order to stimulate research in the broad sense of the word, and to disseminate findings to an audience of stakeholders and actors who are involved in combatting climate change, in agriculture, (organic) waste processing, resource recovery, renewable energy and circular economy, as well as to the general public. The European Biogas Association and Ghent University will work to establish more international partnerships, making use of the Ghent University’s university platforms such as (i) Internationaal Thematic Network "INFINITY", (ii) the IOF Business Development Platform “End-of-Waste-Platform”, and (iii) the "Biorefine Cluster Europe", which all count recuperation of bioresources as part of their core mission.


European Biogas Association




Prof. Erik Meers