Borrowing regulations

You can borrow plants under the following conditions:

  • Plants are available only for university departments organising activities inside buildings of Ghent University.
  • A responsible person must be designated to look after the plants until their return.
  • This person shall be a Ghent University employee.
  • The application mentions the responsible person’s name and department, the number of plants wanted broken down by species and the dates of collection at and return to the Botanical Garden.
  • The department borrowing the plants takes care of transport arrangements through the University’s ‘Dienst Gebouwen en Facilitair Beheer’.
  • Borrowing periods should be kept as short as possible.
  • The designated responsible person ensures that the plants are well maintained and sufficiently watered throughout the borrowing period.
  • If plants are not returned or are returned in bad condition, the responsible person will be charged a sum of money proportional to the commercial value of the plants concerned.
  • The cost per plant is 10 euro.

For applications and additional information please contact the curator. You can also mail your application to the Botanical Garden, K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35, 9000 Ghent.